Sunday, October 18, 2009

Less than a week....

until Chris leaves for DC (since it's technically 1AM on Sunday).

I've been planning to blog about our new chapter in life since April, when we knew Chris got his new job. If I had started before now, it would have likely bored you. This first postings could go on forever, so much anticipation, so many unknowns, so much yet to do. We are trying to take it a day at a time and not think too far ahead, since we don't know many specifics yet anyway.

This blog will be about our life from my mind. Chris will be tied up for quite a while, and I have the rambling mouth anyway. In going through basement boxes, I found old journals back to when I was about 12 years old. Maybe this can be my new way. A bit more public than the others, but a good record nonetheless. This will probably be more of a family update than a work update, as we've talked to most of you about previously. I'll try to hold your interest ;)

This lifestyle will be a good fit for us, we hope it will be. Every vacation leads us to the usual thought of "Call our family, tell them to sell our house. Let's just stay". It isn't a random or rare thought, it's an "every time we go on vacation" thought. It's a "decorate our house", "eat from where we love", "listen to world music", "grow exotic flora", "watch subtitles for culture" way of life for us. We know some think us crazy to sell our house and jump into a sea on unknowns, to take our daughter out of the US and leave good jobs that we both enjoy here. You can't say we haven't said it might happen. But don't think there aren't those rainy days that we wonder if we're nuts too.... but we know we aren't. This has been a long time coming. We've thought it out, for years and years. And we always come back to these adventurous dreams. When you put two people with the same thoughts together, well that's how we've gotten to this point. For us, it's a good's a great point. It's a happy and excited point. Life is way to short to wonder. We hope everyone shares in the adventures we hope to experience. There won't be a day we forgot where we've come from and the family and friends that we love. The future quality time with family and friends may just be on a beach in the Seychelles or a mountain in Nepal.

Our life a week from today will start a new chapter.... beyond the cornfields.


  1. good luck in your new adventures!

  2. I really hope I am not in that journal from when you were 12... I think karma has returned as a girl - who is a bit of a tom-boy - now chases after Cameron and has already asked him to marry her.

  3. loved reading this! Our family is like yours in so many ways... guess that's why the FS is a god fit!