Sunday, October 10, 2010

Eureka- We're Here!

We arrived safely in Dhaka on Thursday at 0520 and are getting settled! Ceiba was a trouper and all in all the flights were as painless as possible for 19+hours. We stopped in Doha, Qatar for a rest and stretch, which was a great decision for us. It was nice to see a new country (as much as one can see in 26 hours) and to relax in the pool.

Our home is terrific! It's quite empty of homey items, but is very nice and large. Our sponsors have been great guides, company, dinner hosts and shuttles for us this weekend! We attended an embassy/Marine BBQ and got a chance to meet several families.

We took Ceiba to school today and are thrilled to report that she'll start preschool later this week for 1/2 days. An exciting time for her and a great chance for me to learn my way around the markets and get some needed home set-up items accomplished. And maybe down the line have some language classes.

Chris is anxious to start work tomorrow. His cell phone was on the table when we arrived :)

We are awaiting internet at home, so can only post when at the American Club (SUPER nice amenities and pool). Hope to have internet up and running soon and resume a bit of cyber life as we knew it. Promise for pictures to come soon. The first 48 hours here it rained NONstop. So now that the sun is out we can get some shots.

So far...SO good!!


  1. Glad to hear you are enjoying it and have made it safe and sound!!

  2. sounds like a wonderful arrival- I'm so glad. Can't wait to hear more about your settling in and of course, see pics. Best of luck with everything.

  3. Hey Denise-
    So glad you all made it safe and sound and ready for some new adventures. We finally are up and running with internet - slow as can be but at this point I am not complaining. I loved your packout pictures - our apartments looked exactly the same at that point. Lots of love and cheers to having our paths cross again. xo Stacy Eric and Orion

  4. Sooo happy to be in contact again... I had withdrawal!!! I'm glad all is going well! I'm sure there is a lot to take in with just arriving. You've traveled and relocated enough, I have no doubt you'll all take it all in and enjoy the moment. Although this move tops them all! Ceiba will LOVE socializing at school. We know how she enjoys her friends. Tell Chris to have a great first day at work.
    Love to you all!!!

  5. Congrats on the new home and so glad you arrived safely and are settling in. Can't wait to see photos!

  6. Good to hear you arrived safely and are enjoying everything so far. Very excited for you and love ya guys!

  7. ROTFL about the cell phone being on the table!

    Yep, that sounds Just. About. Right!!

    SO hoping you end up loving it there! Hugs to all!

  8. Yay for safe and sound - look forward to hearing about your new post. Say hello to Karen Francis for me - she's a friend from my previous posting!