Thursday, July 7, 2011

Where to begin- Where have we been?

I have been quite blog absent as of late. Please forgive, but both hands have been full of either kiddos, shopping bags, breasts, dirty diapers, one tiny butt, fast food and more. We are fully enjoying having our days filled with activities and watching the girls grow before our very eyes. Hours are spent with family and friends. And we are now saddening as we have less than a month left in the US before heading back around the globe. Though life back at "home" will also be welcome, it will be hard to leave loved ones (and Papa being around 24/7) when we depart IL.

Since I've been so absent, it's hard to know where to begin posting. Of course, though the keyboard has gotten dusty, the camera has definitely not. Maybe it's best to post pics of what we've been up to and just melt back into narration as it comes. So with that...
ABOVE/BELOW: We've been to the STL Zoo three times already since we've been here. Above is Ceiba with Aunt Carrie and below are a couple from our trips once Papa came into town. 
Our zoo is phenomenal, free and voted a family favorite year after year!!
Countless hours have been spent at Aunt Carrie's house. Ceiba LOVES to play in her koi pond, feeding the fish and playing with tadpoles. She is also spoiled with an always-ready pool on the patio for her visits, spends hours drawing on the patio with chalk and many evenings of lightning bug adventures.
 ABOVE/BELOW: Many local homecoming festivals are going on over the summer. Our friends Chris & Ann are firefighters and offered Ceiba/Papa one of their seats in the homecoming parade throwing candy. Too fun for Ceiba!! Then we ate carny food and rode some rides. Ceiba went down the giant slide alone (thanks Papa for nearly giving me a heart attack to watch her), rode the Dragon Wagon, the Merry Mixer with Papa and Strawberry with Ann. Good 'ole Midwestern memories in action!
 ABOVE: Ceiba and her cousin Cora have spent MANY hours together playing at Gma & Gpa's, swimming and screeching as they run after each other.  BELOW: Continuing to seek out face painting opportunities and enjoying 4-wheeler rides with Uncle John and cousin Jake. 
ABOVE: Chris had a great day golfing with his brothers, who don't get the chance to be in the same state (or country) very often. Also planning a great long weekend with his family this weekend! Spending time at the YMCA rock climbing at open gym (and weekly gymnastics classes).
BELOW: And here were the promised last pregnant pics, taken at 40 weeks, 
3 days before Avocet was born (see below blog post).
And so now I can TRY to update more often, now that everyone is kind of caught up on the last month. Chris did come into town about a week early, due to my gallbladder scare (that simmered down after he arrived). Think my body was just telling me we shouldn't be apart. We all felt better once he was here, as we were nervous about him making it in time for the delivery due to the 30+ hour transit from Dhaka.

Now we are working to get birth certificates, passports, plane tickets, hotels, etc, etc, etc.


  1. wow- you certainly kept yourselves busy leading up to the big event. Glad you were able to enjoy those all-american (mid-western) fairs and family visits.
    But I have to admit... I want to hear about your labor!! Are you planning to do a "birthing story" post or is that a little too personal? I love reading those, especially now, since I am trying to wrap my head around what to expect. I am assuming yours went smoothly. I hope so anyway!
    And, Denise!! a final preggie shot in all black and from the front hardly even qualifies! you look slender- where's that big ole beach ball belly???

  2. Congrats again, Denise! Enjoy your family time, and thanks for updating! (Because we all love to be updated!). Good luck with the craziness of med clearance, passports, etc. It all falls together. I hope your gallbladder is still intact - that's no fun, not at all. PS LOVE the final preggo photo. Gorgeous!