Friday, January 6, 2012

New Market

Though construction was not completed until 1954, Dhaka still refers to this behemoth market as "New Market". Last week, my friend Corinna and I decided to venture to check it out. It did not disappoint. I really have yet to see a market in Dhaka which does not enthrall me. Everything here always feels so exotic, and the activity always keeps your attention.
We journeyed through slow traffic for about an hour to get there, all the while yapping and peering out the windows. Every stopped traffic light, as always, was accompanied by the familiar tap and "Madam" on the window, as the poor hoped for taka to be handed through the window.
 (above) how the street can change in seconds
 (below) street life is so hard- a little girl clothes less as ladies pick each others' hair
 The market is so hectic and vibrant. We asked a silk shop owner where to buy silver, and he led us through the aisles and across an outside section to show us. He told us what items should cost, as we walked by shoes, pashmina scarves, jewelry, kitchenwares and more. Just to "practice his English", he joined us for most of the day, saving us at every stall we stopped by. We enjoyed his company and the knowledge he brought. On numerous instances, he told us just to walk away, that the cost was too high.

Neither of us was out with a mission to purchase anything in particular. We just enjoyed the morning and the array of sights before us. I definitely hope to visit again soon and stroll along the 10,000 stalls we did not get to in our first outing. Dhaka... one can never call it boring.

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  1. What a beautiful market! I know I could spend days there! We have something very similar here in Cairo - and even though we've gone 3 or 4 times, I know we have even visited a quarter of it yet!