Sunday, September 2, 2012

Four Walls

Since the majority of our possessions have shipped, each day we find ourselves trying to be creative during the daylight hours. While our apartment is nice and large, it's now a blank canvas. There is little inside to entertain a 5 and 1 year old for long. Luckily, Ceiba is back in school and nearly pooped by the end of the school day. To add, she recently started after school activities (Bangla class and soccer) and also has one day a week for ballet class. Avocet, on the other hand, is home all day, even more so now that we have no car to go out and about. She takes regular trips to the roof or small "park" across the street, but with hot temperatures, we try not to have her outside for long. Thank goodness she still takes a good nap in the afternoon.

We get bored... all of us. There are things I should be doing, but it's hard with no wheels and little motivation. I started to upload old unlabeled cds to my external hard drive, but then my Mac ate and would not spit out a cd, so now I've abandoned that project. I resumed organizing baby books, but then stopped when my memory stick was full (because the shop uptown added some junk and I can't delete because it's locked) so couldn't fill in the holes with photos of a first haircut or whatnot. I've started lots of projects... And sometimes I just feel guilty to be on the computer when a cute toddler would rather play or pull my finger around the house to something else she'd like to do. She melts me.

Many days I'm ready to chuck everything remaining in our freezer or pantry, but it's too soon. We still have to eat meals for another 3+ weeks. I do have the fun daily task of deciding what concoction to make for dinner. Would you all like spaghetti and meatballs with stovetop stuffing and applesauce? Or maybe fried shrimp with baked beans, jello and townhouse crackers? Ah the fun of meal planning weeks before you've whittled down your food stock. And every day I'm ready to pull down the suitcases and separate the air freight shipment from the checked bags we have to take back. I want to organize something, but it's still too soon. We are already in a near empty house, we don't want to live out of a suitcase too. I pushed our airfreight day back another week so that we can have our own pillows and "things" for a few more days.

I'm not ready to leave, but the limbo time is killing me.

On any given day though, you will see two laughing girls being whisked around the house by our giggling driver, who has traded in driving our SUV for a double stroller around the dining room table. For now, it's important for them to just have fun and not stress over the impending move. Mama and Papa can do that enough for all of us :)


  1. Ohh the limbo time. It's the worst, especially when you are waiting to leave. Theoretically there is so much we should be doing but it's so hard to know exactly what. Too early to pack the bags, too late to go out and buy groceries for a new bit kitchen project. Limbo. I loved your last post (tried to comment and got pulled away). My inlaws were in Bangladesh in the 70's for 5 years. THey loved it, I think it was their favorite place besides India. So glad you guys also got to enjoy it so much (and in such inspiring ways! The trips you took to your helper's village with the girls was so inspiring to me! Hope you all get back overseas soon! You show just how beautiful and enriching this crazy life can be.