Thursday, November 1, 2012


I must say, it's my favorite holiday, but with all the move-back-to-America hub bub, we haven't decorated or celebrated as much as we'd like. We took the girls to Kingwood trunk and treat last week on a chilly night. They had a ball, and we enjoyed the safe and lit environment for little ones. This is a great way to take your under 6-8 year olds out to hit the candy rounds and have a quick night sans meltdown opportunity.
 YMCA trunk or treat, moved indoors due to chilliness.
And our attempt at a family photo from Mrs. Mukta. Gotta work on her photography :)
 Tonight, we went to the local college's trunk or treat after a flyer was sent out from school. We haven't met anyone here yet, so this was a fun outing close to home. Not sure how we actually arrived on time, as our car, which just arrived in Houston last week and was at the dealership for a full overhaul until this morning, decided to potentially wreak havoc on our evening.

We ran some errands in our so-happy-to-have-you-back SUV tonight. While in McDonald's drive-thru, on our way to our new subdivision's park to have a Halloween picnic before trick or treating, it decided to warm up the a/c. Between the "We'll have a...." and "Here you go", smoke proceeded to pour from under the hood. Nice.
 Enjoying face painting and candy collections.
Avocet Ooo-ing at Gumby, obsene hand gestures (not on purpose) and being a ham!
We pulled into the parking lot, calmly Chris took the girls inside to intercept our meals, while I called the dealership. Sewell Infiniti was awesome, immediately responding to our SOS. The manager Aaron had the tow enroute and arrived himself in the parking lot within an hour (and it was a far drive) with our loaner car. He took the baton, as we went along on our merry Halloweening way, while he waited for the tow truck.

Let's hope the outcome later this week goes as smoothly!

And on we went to trunk or treating the night away!
Nothing to do with Halloween, but our awesome wake up from our bedroom at the rental house. Spoiled.

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