Thursday, October 24, 2013

Force Yourself Upon Me

A friend drove us again this week. She has "forced" herself on me... which I am very thankful for. I am not a very good "asker", and in this mobile lifestyle, that is often a hindrance. Our personalities mesh, and our little ones are enjoying the play dates as well.

We didn't need groceries, have errands to run or really need anything in particular, so I offered to pass for the day and let her tend to her own family's needs. She suggested instead that we go for a drive, maybe see some beaches that they like... perfect idea!
The countryside is beautiful here; I expected nothing less really after scouring Google images for the last month. She said in a few weeks, after the rains, the countryside will be alive with flowers. I can't wait to see for myself. She showed us the hidden gem of Gnejna Bay and a few others. All picturesque and uncrowded, as tourist season is waning. 

We hit a garden center on the drive home, an excellent way to end the day. (Today, Ceti and I potted some lovelies who moved with us, too sentimental to leave behind. This is far from their first move.) I continued to feed the hungry minions in the back seat through the morning, while enjoying the drive. 
I told her that she's been such a gift to my sanity this past week. She even drove us to the mall for a Marine ball dress, since we won't have our HHE in time for the ball. I promise to pay it forward and continue to fill her ice trays.

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