Friday, October 3, 2014

First Storm of the Season

At about 330AM, I rolled over in bed, thinking my phone had a message blinking. But the low rumble vibrating the house told me otherwise. We'd been hearing all week that the rains were on their way, but we've heard that a few times this fall.

Chris and I both got up to enjoy the natural fireworks show in the night sky, snaps of bright light followed by just low grumbling from outside. The air smelled different as the veranda doors shuttered from the wind. We knew it was a matter of time before 4 little feet wandered out of their room.

The booming thunder started in with the sound of fat raindrops on the window glass. It didn't take long before the drops turned into a curtain of water, rinsing away the grime and sand from a long summer. And just as suspected, 4 little feet found their way down the hallways, up 6 stairs and into our room. Ceiba was crying, as usual in a storm, while Ceti just wanted an excuse to snuggle and talk. Chris picked them both up, swinging them over his body and plopped them in between us, the blankets stretching to cover us all. Ceiba was quickly comforted by Papa's warmth beside her, as Ceti "ticked" herself into my side. Arms intermingled with arms, as little faces nuzzled in. Our two are definitely as cuddly as they come, and several sweet "Me love you Mama"s landed on my ears. The scent of the rain mixed with the bedtime smell of little girls, their breath on our shoulders, made for a sweet night. My left arm laced under Ceti's head, as her body leaned into my side, and then my hand was pulled and tucked into Ceiba's underarm. To hold them both close calmed us all. I could feel the occasional little petting from tiny hands, maybe their own sweet reassurance to me.

Ah, but how sweetness always comes to an end, when the rains stops and it's been an hour of tossing and turning in the wee morning hours. So back to bed they went, tucked in tight with kisses, reassurance and yawning. And back to a much bigger bed we returned. But after years of a no kid policy in our bed (aside from family naps or sick kid nights), those little moments of togetherness are savored and important. The love and reassurance is important.

Usually rain here is accompanied by suspended sand from North Africa, and judging by the state of our pool this morning, last night's storm was no different. The house lingered longer than usual in their beds in the morning, but Ceti enjoyed her breakfast watching the giant snails by the merky pool. Am sure their will be many more similar nights in the coming autumn/winter months, but we'll enjoy the snuggles for a while longer.

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