Friday, August 21, 2015


This morning I am in full and conscious denial that in less than 2 months, this will no longer be at my fingertips, that Malta will no longer be our home. Feeling a childish, knee knocking, floor flailing tantrum upcoming, followed by a frowny face and big sigh.
My heart hurts.

I am so NOT a procrastinator... ever... until now. I don't want to leave, for really the first time. If it were another country awaiting for us, it might be easier, but heading to VA is so not on my fun list. I will be positive and get it done, but today is a pity party of sorts. And these final 4 mos, I am constantly neck deep in children on summer break. And while I love showing them Malta, part of me wishes I had time to be alone with my Malta, to photograph her (but honestly is there truly a shot I haven't snapped?) or sit on the beach and breath. Let's be honest, a pretty big part of me. Alas, it shant be. And so it is.

It makes me sad that I haven't documented our tour here more, but that also makes me happy. I think it means we haven't had downtime. We've been out LIVING it... every... day. Yay for that! And yay for the happiest 2 years I maybe have ever known! But I'm not ready for it all to come to an end. Boo for moving before we're ready, but such is the makeup of this beautiful life.

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