Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ceiba's Holiday Program 2009

We had a whirlwind holiday program tonight at the Goddard School. Out of work, pick up Ceiba, gas up the SUV, drive thru McDonalds (reluctantly, but under time constraints for dinner), home, change clothes, potty, grab the camera, out the door and back to school by 1815 for a quick singing program. Wow, was it quick! Rushed into one room for kids on the rug to sing 2 songs - Ceiba would not separate from me in the middle of so many flashes and people, so we cozied over in a corner and tried to self-record Jingle Bells. Our little bell ringer did a great job!

Aunt Carrie, Jake, Samantha and boyfriend Jake came out to see Ceiba's performance. Grandpaand Grandma unfortunately had an unexpected diversion last minute & were sad to miss out.

But we took some pics to share with them and to show Papa :)

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