Thursday, December 3, 2009

Small Fish.... Big Pond

A big part of me enjoys feeling eclectic, different, exotic (ha ha ha). Friends and family look at our photos, the museum that has become our home or talk about our travels with interest and wonder. The circle we hang in and area we are from is not the biggest melting pot nor always the most adventurous sort. I'd be lying if I said we didn't enjoy that attention sometimes.

The more I get my feelers out and the more I read, the more plain I feel. Going to the Foreign Service Institute in October for the spouse orientation I felt at first, well.... very ordinary, "Midwestern", boring. Later into the sessions though, I had the occasional bathroom or hallway conversations that made me feel a little neat or well traveled, gave some advice to new spouses and calmed foreign travel fears for some.

I've been reading a lot of expat blogs that are so exciting, that it's a bit intimidating hoping we'll fit in or that our lives may seem interesting to someone else. The exotic cross racial married, beautiful born childrened, well traveled, different religioned groups out there are all so interesting.

We'll go ahead and jump in the big pond and hope to be exotic someday :)

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  1. Denise,

    Glad you found my blog! I don't know anything about foreign service, but the expat life can be a bit exotic, a bit exciting and a WHOLE lot of experience, for sure!

    I can't locate your email .. send me one at and we can correspond that way!