Sunday, November 29, 2009

Short but sweet

As I start to type, Chris is supposed to be boarding a plane in Atlanta bound for Brunswick... more than 4 hours later than planned. We dropped him off at Lambert STL around 1330 for a 1500 flight that soon became a 1650 flight, which arrived in Atlanta to catch another flight sans pilot. Oops Delta, who forgot to schedule that pilot and had to phone the on-call pilot, who of course lives 2 hours away and has just arrived not so happy to fly the skies. Chris will hopefully be in his barracks in time to sleep an hour or two before breakfast. Sorry honey :(

So as I get into bed, fluffing his pillows and turning off his bedside lamp, I stop to remind myself that he will not be sleeping beside me for another few months. That sucks ~ we can both attest. Thoughout our nearing 15 year marriage, we have spent many nights apart, most courtesy of the US Coast Guard or the Sheriff's Dept and on rare occasion due to my work. I guess I always thought the 8-5,  M-F lifestyle might seem comfortable and have those fringe benefits like sleeping under the same roof every night. But the years Chris did have those hours (I always have), they didn't really make him happy. So that didn't make me happy either.

People have asked many times over the years if I'm okay with his line of work, law enforcement. I love him and his work is a big part of who he is and what makes him tick. Would I love us to be together all the time? Yes. Or at least sleep in the same state (or soon I may say country)? Of course. Would I love not to be a dummy for tactical takedowns? Not to hear "do you know there's a pressure point here?" followed by the paralysis of one of my appendages and his laughter? But I am so proud of who he is and what he does. And what wife would not love being pulled over with lights and sirens on her way to work for her husband's amusement and a good morning kiss? Nothing like a man in uniform... soon to be a suit and a curly earpiece.

So I'm just my usually sappy self, emotionally enduced by the end of a 4 day (tide us over for 30 more) visit from our favorite guy.  We'll take any moments we can get and savor them until the next time.

Our crazy kid!

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