Friday, November 6, 2009

Whatcha gonna do?

So we are fast learning the timelines given in Chris's line of work are always subject to change. While happy to be told about his school 2 1/2 months in advance, it was hard to pull things together when travel orders weren't issued until less than a week before his report date. A coordinator in DC advised there would be a week of off time between orientation training completion and the start of GA training. This would allow him plenty of time to get home, swap business for casual/workout attire, get the car, see the fam and head down to training. Ahh... nope.

So now we are in the mode of figuring out what will work best logistically. A bit inconvenient for Chris, he will probably fly to IL in December, enjoy a dash of Christmas and then all of us drive the little VW Golf to GA, where we'll visit for another week before coming home sans Papa.

The 3 of us in a Golf for 860 miles in the winter with luggage.... well, an adventure in itself.

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