Monday, November 9, 2009

And then there was 1....

day until we find out our first assignment. Chris has Flag Day tomorrow, so we are on pins and needles about where we'll be posted after training.

Though there aren't many options (CHI, DC, LA, MIA, NY, SF), there's still anxiety waiting to hear where we'll be spending the next 1-3 years. Very few openings were available in our top 3 cities (MIA, SF, LA), so though we can hope, we aren't terribly optimistic for our choices. Sorry family/friends, you may or may not get to have cheap beach vacations (yet). Washington D.C. is always a likely option for our next post, and probably will continue to be - whether its the first time bidding or the 5th time.

We'll go where the State Department needs us (we hope for the next 15-25 years), but we really hope it starts with an "M" and has palm trees and ocean. Wherever we end up, it will only be for a few years and will be a new experience for all of us! Now we just need the house to sell, ug.

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