Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fish snobs

This past weekend we drove to Baltimore to see the National Aquarium. The line was long, so we went for lunch - seafood chowder, crab cakes and .... chicken fingers. But Ceiba liked Chris's chowder more than her own lunch. We took our time walking around (mainly because my back is feeling crappy from the accident on the way out to DC) and meandered back to the Aquarium shortly after noon.

We also walked around the pier area to watch the ships and people. The weather was amazing! Papa spotted a Coast Guard ship, which is always a treat for us to see... ahh good ole' times :)

The exhibits were really nice, but we believe we are becoming aquarium (and zoo) snobs. Hard to admit, I know, but we've been to so many that it's hard not to compare. All are a bit different - Shedd/Chicago, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Scripps, New Orleans, Tampa, etc - but many parts are the same. But hey, we just love all things aquatic, so of course we had a great time with the visual bonanza that laid before us in all the beautiful fish!

This coming weekend we are hoping to go see some of Washington D.C. around the National Mall. Hopefully my back will be feeling better ( 4 chiro visits last week and 3 this week, ug). And during this week, we have several playdates. Happy to report we are meeting FS families and enjoying playtime for Ceiba with other kiddos. Plus we had a bbq with Chris's work class, and I've gotten the chance to meet a few DS wives, which has been GREAT (and educational)!

We are enjoying our short time in D.C.!


  1. The National Aquarium in Baltimore is awesome. The National Aquarium in D.C., not so much. If they put price tags up after the description of the fish you are looking at, it would resemble a pet shop. Only $4 (I think), but seeing as you've been to some of the best aquariums in the country, you probably should avoid this one.

  2. Denise, It was so great to meet you and Ceiba in person. She is utterly adorable! Glad you are getting out and about and really hope your back is much better soon.


  3. Love these pictures... and am trying hard not be insanely envious that you and Jen got to meet up! How fun! I would love to meet you and I would love to meet Jen, so I'm envious of both of you for getting to meet the other one! :)

  4. I miss sitting beside him playing minesweeper