Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Around the apartment

Have been putting off posting apartment pics, because frankly it's awfully sterile looking at this point. We did get our UAB (airfreight) last week, but won't see the other 6000+ lbs of misc until the end of November and sometime in December (2 shipments).

This will just give me reason to post pretty "after" shots once we've personalized our place later. Sorry to keep everyone waiting, haven't been blogging much lately. Will work to change that!
                                          (above) Kitchen, pantry and laundry 
(below) Kitchen, office (2)

(above) master bedroom, MB closet wall and master bath (only tub in house)
(below) main living area (waiting on a big tv and artwork)
(above) smaller living room (Ceiba's play area) by main veranda
 (below) guest room (queen bed to come) and guest bath - sunny faces east
(above) Ceiba's room - (below) our many geckos, called tik-tikis here, outside at night


  1. Loved the tour with Ceiba!!!! Can't wait until your things get will be much more homey for you all. Considering where you are, the accommodations are very nice and spacious. Talk soon, love ya!

  2. Thanks for the tour! It all looks great, even without your "after."

  3. I love how airy and open your apartment looks. Totally understand the sterile feel. Hopefully your stuff will get there soon!

  4. Wow, it's so huge and I love the storage. Don't worry when you get all your stuff it will feel a little more like home.