Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Many Moons

ago, I was thinking of all the fun ways to announce our pregnancy to the blog. We had a lot of time between finding out at 6 weeks and now being past 15 weeks. It was important to us to have a good first ultrasound before we told loved ones.  I'm no spring chicken, you know?

I cannot tell you (which my husband and family would agree) with how much excitement I anticipated our move to Bangladesh. The first two weeks were right on track. Yes, it is dirty, it is crazy insane, it was super hot, but it was also exotic and new (come aboard, we're expecting you!). Ok well the Love Boat, yep that must have been in DC, because 2 weeks into our move, all went topsy turvy. I started feeling completely yuck 24/7. None of this morning sickness stuff, we're talking all day sickness. Suspicions arose, the calendar agreed and the med unit confirmed. Yep, we were pregnant. Happy- absolutely!! I think I was just a little too queasy to outwardly show my excitement to the nurse practioner who exclaimed the news.

A week later, and ever more nauseous, I headed back to the med unit for blood tests... with no food in my stomach for days... but plenty of water. Not a good combination. I sat in a hot lab for "a while", then got poked for a vein (it was not gentle), then remember saying "I'm seeing stars", then stopped breathing, vomited water luckily only on myself, then had 3 people in my face with a too late pan, was wheeled out while hitting the doors and shortly after landed in a much cooler and comfortable room where they proceeded to put me on a soft bed and made me "please lay back Madam". I proceeded to profusely apologize to everyone within earshot or who walked through the door that I was SO sorry. My favorite motherly, cute Bangla foreign national nurse just smiled and patted me on the belly and said "your on your way to motherhood". Makes me laugh out loud now. Minutes later Chris walked in the door and gave me the smirk and asked "you okay?". Giving a fragile smile and defeated look in return... yes, I was fine. Of course, I had to get blood drawn still (a second poke), so laid back for this one. A few candies later, and I was on the way back home in my pants that looked peed in (just puked on) for a nap.

That ensued for another 10ish weeks, the last 2 finally with some nausea pills. But am feeling much better these days.

Ceiba and I flew to Singapore for a medevac ultrasound on our way to Phuket 2 weeks ago. Kept that on the downlow. The baby looks to be doing well, which was so amazing to see on screen - swimming and spinning, while we counted digits and watched "her" heartbeat. Of course, the sex is always a guesstimate, but looks like Ceiba will have a baby sister! We only hope for a healthy baby. But I must say the thought of sisters is wonderful. I had 3 sisters and couldn't imagine growing up without them. In between hair pulling, ruining each other's clothes and scratch fights, they are built in best friends, confidants and understand you like very few people can.

Feeling the belly growing, going to the bathroom every hour of the day (and night!) and feeling excited about the journey.


  1. Congratulations!! What wonderful news!

  2. How exciting! Congratulations to you all! I had all day sickness too so I'll be praying that your reprieve will last! Congrats again!!

  3. Congratulations to you! I think it's funny how we get to know our Embassy nurses so well while we're at post. I swear, we go to the med unit at least once a month for something! I'm glad they took it all in stride and are taking good care of you!

  4. Awwwwe, love this blog! Such an exciting and wonderful experience for my baby sister! Chris and Ceiba too:) Love you all... Aunt Carrie

    And yes, sisters are WONDERFUL! So happy you'll be passing that on....

  5. Congratulations! I am SO very excited for you!!! I hate morning / day sickness!! I hope it passes shortly! Ceiba is going to make a great big sister!

  6. Oh my goodness!! How exciting! Wonderful news and we wish you the best :-)

  7. So absolutely wonderful! I can't tell you how happy I am for you all. You already have such a lovely little girl; and she will be such a great big sister. Hydrate, rest, hydrate, eat a little, laugh, and enjoy your pregnancy. You'll feel like it takes FOREVER as you wait for your little one to arrive, but when you look back, you'll think the pregnancy flew by. That's the relativity of time. *Hugs* Hoping we'll meet again, somewhere in the world!, someday.