Thursday, December 9, 2010


Oh happy day! Our car arrived today to Dhaka! Two and a half months without a car of our own has been a bummer, but our life changes now!

... well actually, it changes in a week as we are currently in Phuket, Thailand for some rest and beach time. Guess we'll sulk by the sand missing our car, but given the opportunity to be in Dhaka with the car or Phuket with the beach.... well, that's a no brainer.
Adventures await!


  1. Yay for transportation! Very happy for you guys!

  2. Are you really posted in Bangladesh or hired to be a spy traveling all over the countryside? :) JK! I am glad you are traveling and enjoying yourself and HURRAY for your car arriving! That is super exciting! Where are you going to drive to first?

  3. It's Friday and that means the weekly Blog Round-Up is here, and you're on it:

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