Monday, January 10, 2011


The bump is beginning, now that we're 18 weeks. I've been able to feel it for a long time, especially when laying on my belly trying to sleep. Feels like I ate a rock :)

Had our monthly check-up with the RMO (Regional Medical Officer) today. It was the first time I've gained weight (sad face). Guess it's inevitable, but with the first 2 yuck months I was enjoying watching the scale go down for once. C'est la vie! He also got a heartbeat right away; Chris smiled wide to hear it for the first time. Sweet. She seems to rest always way on the right side of my belly, so it's the first place I let the doctors know to try. Bingo.

Every time we Skype family and friends now, they ask to see the belly bump. So here she is:


  1. You look so cute pregnant!! I love your hair like that too!

  2. You are beautiful. Enjoy being pregnant. I love feeling the baby inside me, and it doesn't last very long.