Sunday, January 2, 2011

Up on the Rooftop

As in "reindeer pause, down comes good ole' Santa Claus"? Well, a little. More like "the nearest thing we have to a yard". We've been spending more and more time up on the roof lately since the weather is nice and cool (60s) in the evenings. Ceiba can ride her tricycle, while we sit in lawn roof chairs in the breeze. The gardener keeps a nice vegetable garden in pots in between the papaya trees. It just feels "normal" to watch Chris with a beer & a pair of BBQ tongs.
Before we baked cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve, we grilled bratwursts and watched the sunset over the various construction sites around our neighborhood up on the rooftop. Dhaka is a city constantly under construction. There are SO many (14 million+) people just in Dhaka. Not to mention in the country, which is about the size of the state of Wisconsin and is inhabited by over 50 million people. Land is at a premium, especially when you consider how little of it is above water year round. Much of the land is submerged in the rainy season and not suitable for building upon, though the locals still try in vain. Many landlords are knocking down single houses in order to build highrises and make more money. Banging and bricks breaking is a never ending sound around town.
 Our area had been quiet, but when we arrived home from Thailand last month, the house next to us was gone... leveled in the week we were away. I asked the gardener, our housekeeper and driver if they would leave the trees. "Oh yes."

Well, while Ceiba and I had breakfast on Thursday, I noticed the trees outside the livingroom start to sway. I was sickened to see the workers next door sawing away and axing off limbs. I walked down stairs with no hope really, but an effort to change their minds. "Sorry madam" was the reply to my sad faced, desperate attempt at pleading for our parrot neighbors' home. Every night and morning, we enjoyed the green parrots flying into the mango and pomelo trees outside our windows. We'll miss them and the greenery. Already, we notice a big difference in the view, which is now the sun reflecting off the giant, white building across the way. The sunshine is nice, but not nearly as nice as the trees. It is the north side, so hopefully won't affect us as much as had it been the south or east. The noise, however, for the duration of our time in Dhaka will not be welcomed. Especially in a few months when we are rocking a baby to sleep. Maybe it'll rain a lot? ... I should watch what I wish for.


  1. Denise!!! This is so great. I've slacked off on blog reading over the holidays and just now have a lil leisure time to catch up. What incredible news! Congratulations on the latest addition to your sweet family!

  2. "maybe it will rain alot" :)

    I would guess so ... if monsoon is anything like India!

  3. How sad! How wonderful to have PARROTS just flying to and fro :-) Maybe they will plant a new tree or two?