Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Last Melon

Ok, so if you aren't a Dreamworks/Disney/Pixar person, you may not get my humor. We are a family of movie line quoters, so these things pop in my head all the time.

Or alternatively titled, The Last HHE.

So we arrived in October, the first week. Most of our household effects were here in good time, with the exception of the items from our apartment in Washington D.C. (those not in the airfreight). We were overweight, mainly because all of our items went from IL to DC to FL to DC and then had to be hand sorted by me... in a dark warehouse... in July... while boxed or wrapped in paper. It was a bit of a crapshoot- lamp/but no shade, Christmas/but no favorite snowmen, yard tools/but no yard. You get the picture. So we went overweight. We paid the cashier at post within a week of arriving, but then began the tug of war between post and DC on whom would be responsible to get the final shipment moving.

It sat until almost December before it shipped out...........
 So that brings us to last week, when the final shipment arrived full of mostly food, toiletries, clothes and Ceiba's Christmas presents. Now we are happy and bursting at the seams.

I tend to be a bit of a planner...and anal retentive... and an over packer... and a pantry hoarder. (No input from family and friends :) thank you). So we have enough razor blades (bought 45 packs on Ebay in DC), Bath and Body (hit the semi-annual sale before to left), lady items (now only need about 1/2 the supply due to the bambina coming), and and and. But my OCD self feels cozy and warm now that we're surrounded by "stuff".
You never know what you might need.... Well, if we do - we've got it!


  1. This post makes me happy. I am a stuff hoarder, too, and my biggest worry about heading overseas is being without my beloved Costco.

  2. Awesome. And most of that stuff lasts forever so why not?

  3. I've started my hoarding already... every shopping trip I add a few extras.

  4. haha good work!! i wish i had been this pro-active this time around... i brought some stuff with us but could have brought much more! esp. with cosmetics stuff, it's good to have what you like.

  5. I like to hoard things as well. I say it's all in the name of being prepared!