Tuesday, February 8, 2011

School Project

Hard to believe that in preK3 there would be a homework assignment. A few weeks ago, Ceiba's teacher sent home a large posterboard to be completed a week later with a project "All About Me". It happened to be the week Chris was out of town for work (need to post pics!), so Mama got to do some homework. We rounded up fun photos, made lists of likes, used lots of stickers of Ceiba's favorite princesses (the new love) and added all sorts of fun items to her board. She colored an Ariel page for the middle of the poster and colored on the board in a designated area with her favorite color red. We had a good time creating her first school project.
On our designated day and time, Chris and I went to school with Ceiba's project, so that she could present to her teachers and classmates her "All About Me" board. I always love to see all the little ones scramble and say "Ceiba, your mommy and daddy are here!". It was fun to go through the morning carpet-time, hellos and get started routine for the day. Kudos to the teacher for having each presenter use a shiny magic wand to help in their presentation; that sealed the deal for Ceiba.

Here are a few pics. She did a great job of talking about her board and herself with VERY little help from us. There was even a question and answer session at the end from the kids, which mostly turned into each little girl raising her hand, being called upon and saying "Ariel is my favorite too" or "I like Jasmine". Too cute!

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  1. Would love to have been there and listened to her tell about herself. What a poster,looks really neat. Fran