Saturday, April 9, 2011


When we were anxiously awaiting Ceiba to come home as a baby, we painted her room in rainforest plants and animals. All of the flora and fauna were native to Guatemala: heliconia flowers, banana trees, a Ceiba tree, jaguar, tapirs, insects, howler monkey, toucan, tree frog, mangroves, mudskippers, fish, and on an on. It was painted and waiting seven months before she was even born. You could say we were a little excited for her to arrive.

So in preparation for our newest bambina, we have started decorating her room. We don't have quite the freedom to design for the long term like we did before, but we are still livening it up a little. I keep contemplating painting the white walls, but haven't gotten off the fence about it yet. In the meantime, I ordered some mermaid prints off . We always planned on our second baby having an ocean room, be they boy or girl. So we are continuing with that inspiration.
We picked up the finished matted and framed art this morning from a great shop uptown. Framing is SO affordable here. All 5 pieces were custom matted/framed for under $30. That's a deal in my book!!!
Can't wait to hang them this week! 
Of course, have to call GSO maintenance to bring the hammer drill to bore through our brick walls :)


  1. Those are beautiful! I love 'em!

  2. Lovely! You're little one will marvel looking at them. I'm sure Ceiba already does!

  3. hey, happened to stumble upon your blog, happy to see the fun side of bdesh, came here in sep when i was five months down the preg line, have a three month tiny daughter now. )
    Can you tell me where did you get the frames done from, i am waiting to frame some posters.
    thanks and see you at your cafe one of these days..

  4. hey happened to stumble upon your blog and happy to see the fun side of bdesh. i came here in sep when i was five months down the pregnancy line, now i have a three month young pooch.

    can you tell me where did you frame your pictures from, i too got to frame many of them.

    see you at your cafe one of these days.

    good luck

  5. Hi,
    The name escapes me, and I would drive by to tell you for sure, but we depart for the States in a few days for baby delivery so may not get by. If you got to DIT2, facing it, go up the stairs on the left side, above Pearls Fair (not 2 but regular Pearls Fair). As soon as you come up the stairs, the frame shop will be on your left, think it's the 2nd shop. Has a small gallery and a pearl stand inside on the left. Have had several pieces done there, as have friends, and they seem to be reasonably priced and very nice work. Enjoy and hope to catch you around town!!!