Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rain, rain... don't go away

About a week ago the rains started, as expected for a monsoon country. Everyone is very happy to see the weather change, and it is starting out to be a much better year than last year for the area farmers. They can always use all the help they can get.

Generally, it storms at night, with gusty winds, lightning, crashing thunder and torrential (but short) rain. Chris and I love it, but Ceiba is still getting used to the really loud thunder. We go from her crying when getting startled, especially when she may be in another room, to the next moment a cool and calm "it's not scary" with convincing eyes to go along with her soothing words.

The once dusty leaves are finally washed clean, and the vibrant greens around the city really are beautiful. All the jackfruit trees (below) are loaded with new fruit, as are the mango trees and several local fruit trees that I haven't learned.
We know the rain may get old... and deep, but for now, it's a very welcome relief to the dusty and dry spell which has been Dhaka since we arrived last fall.

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