Tuesday, October 18, 2011

4 months old

Avocet is 4 months old today, so hard to believe!
  • Eats, eats, eats! We call her our piranha, and oh is she! In the daylight, you better give her a bottle, because natural just can't supply fast enough. Though at night (half asleep), she is happy to cuddle and nurse.
  • Smiles and giggles all the time. Her laugh is contagious, no one in the room can deny her a return smile... it's just not humanly possible.
  • Loves the water. She is content in a pool, though we don't put her little white body in the sun too much yet. In the bathtub, she's a kicking machine!
  • Tries to crawl. She's moving around, butt in the air and pushing her way around. Though not officially crawling yet, she is trying her best. She also sits assisted, but almost can do it alone.
  • Has a hot streak... a firecracker fuse like her late Gpa Fred, I like to think. She can smile one minute and fuss at you the next, usually only involving a hungry belly.
  • Sleeps well. Not through the night, but often good 5-6 hour streaks at night. I'm happy with that :)
  • Is adored by her big sister Ceiba, whose first words in the morning or when home from school is either "where is Avocet" or "where's MY baby". Ceiba has been the most wonderful big sister, loving on and playing with her baby every chance she gets. 
  • Is really growing on her Papa... he loved her from the start, but I see a lot more sparkles the more interactive she gets. She's pretty hooked on him too.
  • Could be a tug of war rope. Ms. Mokta and I almost race to see who can scoop her out of bed first when she wakes from a nap. Our gardener and driver also find reasons to come upstairs and hold her at least once a day too. 
  • Is so so loved.
Though she's only 4 months old, she's been inside our hearts for nearly 400 days, and we cannot imagine a moment without her.


  1. What a sweet sweet post. I just love love love, that your gardener and driver want to hold her everyday!! And wow, four months went by just like that, and I'm just feeling that from reading your blog, so I can imagine how fast it's gone for you!

  2. So beautiful! And yes, it does go by so quickly. But you already knew that. Continue to enjoy every one of these beautiful moments!

  3. Such a sweet little blessing with a great personality coming through!