Tuesday, November 29, 2011

House coat

Our househelper, Mrs. Mokta, is muslim. Each morning when she arrives and night when she leaves, she covers herself from head to toe. She doesn't cover her face, but does wear a flowered burka over her body and a scarf over her head, which is traditional here for devote muslim women. Daily, she wears a shalwar kamiz (pj type pants and a thigh/knee length tunic top with scarf). Occasionally, if she comes in to babysit in a Friday evening, we might catch a rare glimpse of her in a sari. On those days, we giggle and tell her how pretty she looks. She is quick to blush.

Tonight as she was leaving, she stopped in the kitchen where we were making dinner, to grab a sack. She had on her burka,  but didn't have her scarf on yet.

Ceiba said, "Mrs. Mokta has her housecoat on."

It could not have sounded cuter!

We explained to her what Mrs. Mokta was wearing and explained to Mrs. Mokta what a housecoat was. We all enjoyed a smile. And Ceiba got a pronounciation lesson from Mrs. Mokta on the word "burka".

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