Thursday, April 26, 2012


It struck our house at approximately 0615 this morning. Total storm time was about 2 hours with moments of calm followed by others of sheer destruction. I haven't spotted the funnel cloud in the last few minutes, but the devastation of her wake is great.

I'll do as the meteorologists do with hurricanes and give her a name. Let's start with the alphabet and call her Avocet. Very appropriate.
Daily activity of pushing the hamper all over the house, proceeded by yanking all the snorkel gear out of the cabinet :)
Phew, she is a whirlwind. Should I be doing other things than blogging about the episode now? Yes. But taking into account the 24ish hours of sleep in a week's time, I am taking advantage of my likely brief moment of brain clarity. It won't likely be a frequent occurrence until her sleeping pattern improves. How much is she sleeping, well enough, but not of hours in a row. How much are we parents sleeping? Not e-damn-nough.

She, all ten months and 32 lbs of her, really is a whirlwind. She is everywhere, all the time. Since taking her first steps at 8 months, she hasn't stopped, and neither have we. Any box, chair, toy, couch, leg, sister, parent... she attempts to climb. This morning, I was in the kitchen packing lunches while Ceiba and Avocet were playing in the (we thought) child friendly play room. I heard her cry and ran into the play room to find her spread eagle on her back on the carpet with the (luckily) small kitchen set on top of her belly. She wailed for a second, I removed the kitchen and off she bounced to inflict more havoc. I just looked in Ceiba's direction and got "I didn't do it", while she sat on the couch.

So now she's napping, thank goodness. And no I shouldn't be writing, because there are things to do. There is always something to do. The floors are clean, but I don't recommend eating off of them. There is still laundry to be done. There will always be more laundry to do unless I do it naked, which the neighboring construction men would have find amusing, but the house geckos would not. There are lots of errands on my list on any given day. And where we live, things take a LOT longer to accomplish.

And when she fell asleep, even though I could have laid her down and returned to clearing the wake of her destruction, I chose to rock her instead... for just a while longer. Because though I can have noneat off of floors and non naked laundry for the rest of my life, she will only be a baby for a tiny while.


  1. good choice, mama! snuggle that tiny tornado while you can! i can't think of the last time i really wanted to eat off the floors, anyway. ;-)

  2. That is totally true. Enjoy the time while you can because before you know it your "baby" will be 8 or 10 like my little ones. It goes way too fast so enjoy it while you can.

  3. wow! I know comparison is the thief of joy- but I guess since the tornado was born just a couple of months before the bushbaby, it's hard not to take note. 32#????? We JUST hit 15# at 8 months! I swear you must be lactating pure cream. And your upper body strength must be amazing!! Your girl sets the bar high!

  4. Hi - I found your blog by a random google search for FS spouse blogs. I really enjoy reading your updates about life abroad. My husband is a FSO and we are awaiting our first official post. One of his coworkers was just assigned to Bangladesh, so I sent your blog to him and his wife. Word in the office hallways is that our first post will be Honduras. I've been googling to try and find a FS spouse blog about life in Honduras, but so far no luck. Do you know of any? Thanks!