Wednesday, June 6, 2012

From Scratch

Tonight at dinner, I had made crab stuffed mushrooms. They were tastier than usual, possibly because of their rare availability or possibly because I had added an extra dash of this or dash of that.

Chris said, "They're good. Did you make them from scratch?"

I laughed out loud, and he knew the second the words escaped his lips how absurd he sounded.

My response, "From scratch... no I grabbed them in the deli at the grocery store down the street. The 24 hour one."

Rare is the moment that he sound blonde; he is his grandfather's witty and fact filled offspring.

Grocery shopping here in Bangladesh is no walk in the park, it's a 3 store and sometimes 3 hours pursuit for sometimes a single ingredient. Summer season is great for fruit, but not for vegetables. Winter season is great for vegetables, but not for fruit. After you pay the "foreigner" price, you still have to take it home and wash and bleach it and hope you don't spend the night praying to or sitting on the porcelain throne. There are no lovely 24 hour Shop 'N Save groceries to swoon over and linger in. Luckily, we do have a commissary at the embassy that keeps our spirits high and bellies semi-happy.

But hey... we didn't move here for the groceries, did we? :)

P.S. *** And yes, I've been lazy at blogging, but hoping to turn over a new leaf. Lots of travel photos from a recent India quick getaway and hoping for many on an upcoming Turkey holiday. Stay tuned!! ***

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  1. Ha! Too funny. I hear you...I went to three different places in search of a sour cream that I got hooked on and now nobody has it anymore. Found some at the commissary and hope it wasn't frozen on the way over here b/c that ruins the consistency. So glad to have the commissary, though. Much appreciated place to not get stalked or hovered over while shopping! Soon enough you will be buying ready-made foods if you want and just 'cause you can!