Saturday, June 23, 2012

Refrigerator Art

Our refrigerator is covered in art on a daily basis. Some art lasts for weeks, later to be filed away, framed or mailed to loved ones. Some lasts for hours, often falling prey to the merciless hands of Miss Avocet when she's on an outing on her way to the kitchen.

Here in Dhaka, our refrigerator is not in a "normal" place in the house... like in the kitchen. It is in a funny little hallway in between the living area and the kitchen, an appliance alcove, if you will, where the a/c limits stop and the heat of the kitchen begins. That's okay, it's close enough. Some friends have their fridge or freezer in a bedroom. Guess it's a weight loss plan?

We walk by the fridge and freezer a hundred times a day, so trashy as they look, they are covered with art and love and photos and calendars and lists and magnets. They reflect "us".

So, since living in Dhaka, we've started a bit of a tradition (seeing lots of these traditions happening as the girls grow). Each time we travel, we try to bring back fun magnets to add to the fridge and play with. We have learned to not bring back stone or ceramic... those have not fared so well this last year. The girls play with them, rearrange, hang their art and drag them around the house. The are learning, even if it doesn't feel like school time, and we are enjoying the memories and the geography lessons on a daily basis.
.... SO much happening lately! :)

  • our best friends welcomed a healthy and BEAUTIFUL baby girl last week (love being new auntie and uncle again... even if not there to hold her)! So feeling a little friend homesick lately :(
  • our BABY turned ONE while we were out of town! Sniff sniff sniff.
  • we just returned from a week in AMAZING Turkey! 
More blogs coming soon! Just more photo editing to do (as ALWAYS!).

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  1. I cant believe that Avocet turned ONE! Holy smokes where does the time fly. Happy ohh happy to you all for making it through the first year. and PS our fridge looks almost like yours :)S