Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ahhh.... America

After the 30+ hours of transit and flights, we arrived to Illinois last weekend. Our baggage... it didn't. But we did get it the following day around 2PM. Nothing like spending your first day back stuck in the apartment waiting for bags. The ridiculous thing is that they made it from Dhaka to Hong Kong to Chicago with us, cleared Customs, but then couldn't get on the plane to St. Louis in the 3 hours we were in Chicago. Maybe the flight was overweight, either way, a bit of a pain.

Our temporary digs are convenient. Not as stellar as Oakwoods in Falls Church (Pearson Square), but nice and "our own" for the next several months. We are thoroughly enjoying catching up with family and friends, frequenting restaurants and stores, and enjoying clean air and surroundings. We are not enjoying being away from our favorite guy... at all :( We do all eat together daily- our breakfast with his dinner while on Skype. We are happy to hear and see each other every day, but look very forward to his arrival in a few weeks.
 above: Our first breakfast and morning at our local park
below: (Denise's side) Our niece and nephew growing up
 above: highly anticipated first lunch out, which happened to be last lunch in 2010 (rt)
below: Wal-mart damage... no need to zoom into receipt, just know it was A LOT

Wal-mart, Target and Shop 'N Save all earned a day of shopping to themselves. You just cannot truly appreciate their worth and awe until you live in a developing country. Amazing and oh so clean!
 above (5), below (3): grocery shopping bliss!
 above: some lunches out, McDs with Chipotle and Steak 'N Shake
below: Papa's favorite (we didn't eat there yet), train riding at the mall
 above and below: our bestest friends Chris & Ann showing Ceiba farm babies

Tonight marks a week that we've been back in the States. We are a bit tired from all the adventures, but many more await, several that we are especially waiting for Papa to be here to enjoy. The best is just spending time with family and friends, almost feeling like we never left. We look forward to the rest of our summer enjoying America time (and amazing upload speed, and no power outages, and...)!


  1. Enjoy! Good luck with the next few months. So excited for your family!

  2. Make sure to find time to relax in there. After the baby comes there will be little time for relaxing.

  3. So glad for you! And excited about the upcoming arrival. Enjoy your time, the lunches out, and just relax!

  4. Oooh, that farm time looks awesome! Glad you can have so much family time and welcome back!