Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I walked out of Victoria's Secret today with a big bag in tow. It contained a boxed set of my favorite perfume and some lotion, just because. But I had to laugh thinking how many passers by were wondering what this REALLY pregnant lady was doing buying up Victoria's Secret.

Hee hee hee.

... Hell, I never really fit in their lingerie before I was pregnant.


  1. I have a list a mile long for Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works when I am home on R&R this summer and it's all skin care stuff. You just can't get that stuff in Malawi and I imagine it is pretty hard to come by in Bangladesh. Enjoy pampering yourself!

  2. Oh lord, Kiehls is my weakness. I only wish I'd have stocked up on my favorites before we left. What on earth was I thinking!?? Could you email me your new temp address- I'd love to send you a little momma present!

  3. just thought of you today and came over to see what you're up to. Cute story! hope you're feeling well!!

  4. Aaah. VS perfume and lotion is so wonderful :) And I too, could never fit their stuff. Maybe they thought you were in there buying a little 'prep' for trying to go into labor or something - hahaha!