Thursday, May 5, 2011

35ish weeks

We're getting there! As we are soon to depart for the good 'ole USA (yippee), wanted to send one more prego pic update. I'll miss our pretty orchid in the pregnancy pics, but will try to post one last one before delivery from our temporary apartment in the States... as long as it's not a mad dash to the ER on some unexpected day.
Still feeling really well, though I probably won't be saying that next week after a 30ish hour transit, 3 flight, date-line-crossing trip alone with an almost 4 year old. We are all anxiously anticipating Papa's arrival to the States shortly behind us and bambina's debut... in that order PLEASE!


  1. I thought I had to fly out by 34 weeks, so I am excited at the possibility of a little later! I would love 35ish weeks.

  2. FlemingfootprintsMay 10, 2011 at 7:04 AM

    Once again, you look FABULOUS! Have a safe and uneventful trip :-)

  3. Denise! You look fantastic. Such a gorgeous mommy. Safe (and uneventful) journey to you and Ceiba. Look forward to new baby pix. (and hoping we haven't chosen the same name, since you're first!)