Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rooftop Baby Shower

When we first told one of our neighbors about our expected little one, her first words were "Congratulations! I want to throw you a baby shower." Then shortly thereafter, another couple of lady friends were also secretively organizing a shower, when they learned about our neighbor's plans. So the wonderful three teamed up and gave us a spectacular evening!

We never dreamt to receive a shower here, really for 2 reasons: 1) we had only just arrived to post and 2) this was not our first baby. But since this was our first pregnancy, since the embassy folks are VERY hospitable, love a party and make everyone feel loved from day 1, and since everyone knows we can't exactly hop on down to our local Target, they were adamant to treat us to wonderful hospitality!

...And we can't thank our organizers (A, J & L...sorry no pic of all of us, darnit) and all of the friends who attended enough.
 above (l to r): friend/organizer L, Mama to be, friend/organizer A beside game of measuring me
below (l to r): dinner & drinks, games & scenery, Mama opening gifts
 above (l to r): Ceiba helping open Thai tea set, Mama & friend H, the girls helping me unwrap

We live in an apartment, so they planned the party on the roof after a work day. The weather was beautiful (I only got hot when all eyes were watching me unwrap) and the scenery was terrific. It just so happened that a new building a block over was getting ready for a grand opening, so was lit in beautiful blue lights from top to bottom. It was a nice backdrop to the shamiana (tent) and decorations. The food was wonderful, and the company couldn't have been better. Ceiba was in and out, being a social butterfly with the ladies fussing over her and helping me unwrap gifts. Chris hibernated back to our apartment, enjoying the solitude, checking periodically on us. We all had a great time and sincerely appreciated the wonderful wishes, gifts and company of our Dhaka family of friends.
And who knows, I may be paying it forward sooner than I know... sounds like there are many new families heading to Dhaka with babies on board. Seems that Dhaka is THE place for new and expectant parents!!! Bring on the babies!

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  1. Wow! Flying this late and that long!! I thought the cutoff time was 7 months to fly! I flew from Dhaka to New York in Feb when I was only 13 weeks preg..and I was GLAD the trip was over!!! Good luck!! Wish you all the best! :)