Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rain, science lesson and misc

We drove home tonight in severe rain, blowing across the Midwest from another batch of deadly tornadoes, which struck Missouri earlier today. It's hard to believe we have been driving in crazier rain here, than while in Dhaka. Though when you think about it: 1) in Dhaka you can't drive faster than 10 mph hardly anywhere, so it never seems so intense as here at 50 mph, 2) we don't drive far in Dhaka, usually only a few blocks from the house and 3) really "madam" rarely drives in Dhaka, and would seldom have the need or want to mess with driving in the rain there, just nothing that pressing (or exciting enough) to justify going out in it.

Ceiba enjoyed a meteorology lesson from her Uncle John tonight and came inside to reenact (quite vividly) the process of making thunder and lightening. Too funny. It had me driving home a bit marshmellowy, thinking about some of the "little things" that we miss out on by living half a world away. The rain, thankfully, kept me from thinking too deeply for long :)

And here are a couple pics from today out with gma & gpa at the Strawberry Festival, and Ceiba & I on a hike at the Watershed Nature Center earlier in the week. Ready for Papa to arrive and share in the fun. We miss him bunches.

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