Monday, June 30, 2014

Nectarine picking

Our sweet neighbor invited us to come pick nectarines at his farm recently. So on a fresh summer day during our school break, we meandered down the winding alleys and streets of Gharghur and landed at his gate.

His land is perched on the back of the village, holding a pretty view of the sea. The corners are lined with peach, nectarine and apple trees just inside a stone fence, which is typical of Malta. The center is plowed for planting, often full of tomatoes, squashes and potatoes in the fall. There is a small well to irrigate, and he runs irrigation piping to the fields in the hot of summer. I've yet to see nice soil in Malta, most is orangish and often riddled with rocks. Miraculously, the farmers find ways to produce in this hostile terrain.
Freddie tends several flower patches in the middle of the flowers, mostly zinnias, which reminds me SO much of my Grandpa K. He loves when the girls come down, and was wonderful laughing and cutting flowers for them.

A week's worth of nectarines, flowers and big smiles... such a nice morning!

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