Sunday, July 27, 2014

4th of July in "America"

After wrapping up a fun week with the Embassy 4th celebration of Route 66 night, we planned our first long weekend getaway. For 9 months, we've been in Malta... loving it! But for the 4th weekend, we arranged our first little excursion to our neighboring SICILY! It is a quick hour and a half ferry ride and enabled us to take our car. The ride was super easy, basically an airplane type atmosphere, but with a movie playing, clean restrooms, a cafe at each end and a LOT more room for girlies to run. Such an easy mode of transportation.

Driving also afforded us the luxury of bringing home groceries, as we stayed at the US Air Base in Sigonella, so enjoyed access to the commissary and exchange. Heaven! Aisles of American food. I think I shed a tear or two.
So here are some pics of our 4th celebrations, with our other excursions to come. We loved being with so many Americans for Independence Day! Military folks, most tattooed & in their red/white/blue, kids in bouncy houses, beer on tap, food stands, music, fireworks... felt like home. Just what we needed!
We couldn't have picked a better weekend to head to Sicily!

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