Friday, April 10, 2015

The President's Kitchen Garden

Malta is dotted with lovely gardens and well designed playgrounds for small children. After 2 years in Bangladesh, where there is not a safe park outside the American Club or American School, this is an amazing luxury for us.
Beside the San Anton Gardens, lies the President's Kitchen Garden, a small and manicured corner of Attard filled with kitchen plants, small greenhouses, water gardens, animals and several well planned playgrounds. While this playground is nice for all, it is especially great for the 2-8 year old range. There are wide sidewalks, a lovely coffee/pastizzi cafe and clean bathrooms. Parking is the only burden at this great getaway. In the winter months, when the winds can be intense, this is generally much more sheltered than most places in Malta.
(the top left photo is of artichokes, they are coming into season!) 
Last week during the girls' Easter break from school, we kept busy here at the Kitchen Garden at several other parks around town. Making the most of our outdoor time while the weather is beautiful!

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