Sunday, June 13, 2010

Falls Church Farmer's Market / Bosch Mixer

For weeks, we have driven under a banner in town for the Falls Church Farmer's Market. And for as many weeks, I've said I'd get up on a Saturday to go. Well, finally yesterday we did!

Alas, no photos... bad me, sorry. We've been to many farmer's markets, and I must give credit to Madison WI for being the winner, though Portland, Soulard and Atlanta fare well too. Our old hometown also had Land of Goshen market all summer where we were regulars. Falls Church's market was small, but nice. It still takes a while to get used to the crazy prices out here, but fresh is fresh and buying local is good for everyone :) Our purchases included bing cherries, blueberries, squash, radishes and some spectacular honey.

Now just hoping our new Bosch mixer arrives this week to share in the baking festivities!!! I was planning on purchasing a new mixer when we arrived in Miami, but since we aren't going, went ahead and ordered from here last week. Some baker DS friends really pumped me up on the Bosch vs the KitchenAid, so I did my homework and even watched the videos online. Also bought the blender and food processor attachments, extra beaters, cookie paddles and a stainless bowl. Ouch to the purse, but excited for their arrival!! It's also 10 lbs lighter than the KitchenAid... and let's face it, every pound counts in this lifestyle. Let's just hope the pound savings on the appliances does not create pound additions to the derriere!

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  1. Looking forward in you baking festivities.
    Bosch Mixer is really a good buy.