Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens

Today we journeyed out to the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens (
It was a bit of an excursion to get there, due to construction giving our GPS a hard time and having to make a few detours in the ghetto of south DC.

Once we arrived, we made painful choice of taking the "scenic trail" down to the Anacostia River. We second guessed ourselves and should've realized a noon walk with a 3 year old wasn't the best idea. It wasn't exactly scenic, I was corralling Ceiba to the center of the trail as there was poison ivy EVERYWHERE and poor Chris had to play pack mule for 2/3 of the hike after Ceiba's shoes rubbed the side of her foot. But we made lemonade by singing songs while we hunted for snakes, enjoying nature and finding a dead click beetle who Ceiba carried around for 3 hours.

Chris and Ceiba played in the bookstore/museum for about 1/2 hour, while I got the luxury of taking a photo op walk through the ponds alone. There were lotus, lilies, turtles, fish, frogs and crabby Canada geese. When I returned to the trailhead, anticipating them in the car with a/c and a movie, I instead found them playing in the water and the seat of Ceiba's pants covered in goose poop. But what a HAPPY kid!

We grabbed lunch, skipped a nap and stopped at our favorite park to play in the creek on our way home.

Had to take a pic of my henna work from yesterday. Got creative while Ceiba napped by painting my right foot and left hand. Then last night, Chris painted a lotus on my back, and I continued the design on my hand up my wrist and arm. Think I'm hooked! The middle eastern waistress at lunch asked where I got it done and complemented when I said that I drew it. Hope that's a good sign!

 Got home and headed to the pool for 2 hours. Ceiba is now SWIMMING INDEPENDENTLY around the pool in her lifevest!! Hooray- our necks were getting tired! We barely got her out of the pool tonight.
Dinner and to bed - what a FULL and happy day!

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