Monday, June 28, 2010

Homey-ing it up

Since we'll be here another 3 months, thought it'd be fun to warm Ceiba's room up a little.
Her room back in IL was filled with colorful plants and animals. Her room here is very...WHITE.
She had a lot of fun helping decide where each animal would live.
And especially nice - they can come with us when we move, because they're just stickers.
Best pets ever!

Local craft store + $12 + 10 minutes = one entertained kid



  1. those are darling! I need to get some for my kids' rooms!

  2. I love them!! They make her room say "Ceiba".

  3. Oh those are too cute! What a great idea for us when we're in a rental house for a year with nothing but white walls around us...

  4. We are doing Wallies in our new house, too. We are only there for a year, and the walls are a decent color and I reaaalllly don't want to repaint in less than a year. I was grateful the kids were okay with it, as it was quite a job to repaint two rooms in the rental house (the colors they had were very, very strong) and I just don't want that extra work next year....