Thursday, July 1, 2010

National Botanical Garden

Well, if you are new to reading this blog, it'll be quick to see that I...LOVE...PLANTS!
If I play my cards right, maybe in my next life I can return as a botanist. Not the petri dish or laboratory kind, but the hang from the trees like Sean Connery in Medicine Man kind. That would absolutely rock!

Ceiba asks for the "choo choo train" every time we pass the metro station. A recent thunderstorm rewarded us with BEAUTIFUL weather this week, so we decided to venture downtown yesterday on the metro to see some greenery.

The National Botanical Garden is not huge, especially compared to the Missouri Botanical Garden which we are used to, but it is gorgeous... like could-stay-all-day gorgeous. And like most things D.C., it is free, which is also great.

You knew this post would surely be filled with pics, so here are some. Most were taken BEFORE my Minolta fell from the stroller to the concrete while trying to take timer photos of Ceiba and I. It is now at the shop for (hopefully not outrageously expensive) repairs... ug. And of course, not likely to return in time for DC 4th of July pics. Guess the point and shoot will get a work out!

If you are in the DC area and have time, I'd say the National Botanical Garden deserves some of your time.
The conservatory is stellar, and the grounds are immaculate.


  1. Denise -
    Great blog so fun and easy to read. I really get a feel for your family and its adventures. I told Eric he has got to check out that park with the creek. Orion would love it.

  2. You should try the Arboretum too, it's a little less accessible by "choo choo" but worth the trip, and _huge_...

  3. Wonderful photos! And don't you just love that so many things in DC are free! (It almost makes up for the outrageous cost of living) (= The Botanical Gardens were one of my favorite hang outs on a cold snowy wintery day. A spring like escape. Enjoy!

  4. I am glad that there is another plant person wandering around the FS. I love plants, one of the things that got me excited about our upcoming post in Malawi was ordering seeds for the vegetable garden. I am looking forward to the Botanical Gardens, it is my favorite when we are in DC. Almost makes up for the repeat trips to the Air and Space museum for the kids.