Friday, July 23, 2010

Ceiba's 3rd Birthday

Amazingly, Ceiba turned 3 this week....even after she did this....

If you can't see well, it's crayon...ON...THE...WALL. Arg! Welcome to parenting Chapter Tres, right?
I dont' remember ever writing on the walls, but then again my memory was probably blocked out from the subsequent beatin', had it occured. Exageration. She just got a stern talk and was made to help me clean the walls. So crayons are now temporarily used with supervision only. Bless you Crayola for washable- GENIUS!

So we made through that and on to a terrific 3rd BIRTHDAY! It went a little something like this:

While sleeping, Ceiba's presents got wrapped. She woke up happy.

We played with friends at a new creek, got her favorite lunch and picked up goodies in the mail.

Mama attempted a cake (with 5% of her kitchen accessories) while Ceiba napped; she later tried to sneek some icing. When Papa got home, we had Ceiba's favorite dinner. Tradition in our family!

She was ready for "Fire Papa!". We (I and a near whisper male voice) sang, & cake was had by all!

Ceiba had a great time opening her birthday presents and playing! She sang and played her keyboard all night!

Now we get up everyday and have to "feed moneys to the pig, Mama!!!"
She just keeps getting more fun!


  1. Happy, happy birthday sweet girl!! Glad to see you had such an awesome day!

  2. Happy happy birthday little lady!!

  3. aw, I missed this, happy bday to your little girl, and hope she gets over her fear of thunder soon.