Friday, August 19, 2011

The Belly

The day before Ceiba & I left Dhaka for our medevac to deliver Avocet, I drug everyone to the balcony for a timered family photo of our belly. I had gotten henna done on my arms for the trip back. Then I labored over the "good" camera... to take or not to take. One more bag to carry on the plane and would we really get it out during our trip to IL. So I left it...and the belly shots. So am just now getting to see them. Part of me does miss the belly, the beautiful feeling (after the 3rd month) of being pregnant and feeling her move inside me.
But having a cooing, warm, beautiful baby nestled into my neck is just amazing. Yep, I'll take a plump baby over a plump belly anytime :)


  1. Oh, beautiful. Thank you for sharing! I love belly shots. But, just as you, love the baby nestling against the neck even more. Enjoy!

  2. Love, love, love the family belly shots!!!!