Saturday, September 17, 2011

Groundhog Day - Mama Style

Yesterday, sleeping in sounded delightful, but as we have 2 small children, that really wasn't realistic. Some days I can lay Avocet in bed after a morning feeding, and persuadeeeeee Ceiba to lay in bed with the portable dvd player and quiet movie for maybe an extra hour. Poor parenting, I know, but sometimes ya just gotta do it. And the night time feedings take several precious sleep hours out of most nights for me. But Chris was out town, out of the country for that matter, for work, and Ceiba had dance, so no sleeping or trying to sleep in for us.

We got up on time, even managing to Skype with grandparents for a couple minutes before having to bid them adieu in order to make class on time. On Fridays, our house help have the day off, so I loaded up the kidlets in the car and off we went to ballet class, early too, I might add.

Upon arriving at 0850 for the 0900 class, the lights were off and no one around. One would think my brain might kick in at this point, but alas it did not. So we turned on the lights... and the fan... and the a/c... and pulled out some chairs... and sat alone... and heard noises so thought someone MUST be getting things ready... and then sat some more. I wondered if I'd missed a memo about a holiday or got omitted from a phone tree for a sick teacher. I read the bulletin boards and saw the instructor's name and number... so called her to ask if I'd missed the memo.

Nope... just showed up on Friday when ballet is on Saturday. Wrong day. Nice.

I had felt so accomplished for getting out the door, kids dressed and fed, me dressed and fed, drove ourselves, didn't turn on the wrong road (like I did last week... when the driver called off on SATURDAY),  and we arrived a tad early. But instead of watching others scramble to kick off shoes and push tushies into the room 5 minutes late, we sat in the dark and waited. Ooops.

Then we missed Bollywood dance, which was scheduled on FRIDAY, because both girls were fast asleep and it was pouring rain. So today, we went BACK to ballet class, where I got to be the 5 minute late- kick off shoes- push tush parent. Don't I get 'atta girl points for yesterday? Please.


  1. OMG, I just laughed really loud!!! I look forward to your posts...and now that I am actually here, I can finally say I've met you ( I was so start and I know exactly what you are talking about...well, not so much in this post since we don't have kids yet...but definitely the part about the pouring lol...

  2. Loved this post! And laughed most of the way through it! Definite "atta girl" points in my book!

  3. You get TONS of atta girl points. Seriously. I kind of wish this didn't sound so familiar ;)

  4. hmmm... since we can no longer play our "pregnant brain" card, shuffle through your deck because there is a very useful "new mommy brain" card I've been flashing a fair amount around here. Glad you were able to at least go home and take an afternoon nap during the pouring rain. That's perfect!
    I love that Ceiba is taking ballet and Bollywood. What a cool little girl!