Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Road Work

In the summertime, most travelers in the Midwest cuss the construction workers for screwing up their vacation road trips. People sit for hours in traffic on hot summer days while IDOT/MODOT/whoeverDOT workers lean on stop/slow signs. While I'm sure there are state workers in the US who earn their paychecks out on the roadways, they'll likely never work this hard :

The work involved in asphalting the roads here is jaw dropping. Most tasks involve hours of manual labor from underpaid workers whose stomachs are rarely full and lives are shortened by the working conditions. Workers are either busting bricks with a hammer, shoveling hot asphalt onto a bicycle or old women are fanning caustic flames under 50 gallon drums of fire hot tar.

So to the government road workers back in the States, appreciate that $50 an hour. Here workers barely make $0.50 an hour, and they don't have air conditioned cabs.

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