Wednesday, September 28, 2011

School Bento Boxes

Last year, preschoolers had snack time at school. We went through numerous ziplock bags for carrots, pbjs, goldfish, you name it. Occasionally, I would be at school during snack time and see a few cute little bento boxes being pulling from tiny backpacks. This became my mission... find these bento boxes!

I finally got around to searching for said boxes a few days before school started. Why I didn't do it a few WEEKS before school, while we were still in the States, is irrelevant (you know why... new baby memoryitis). I found a few really cute ones online, but I wasn't keen on the small fortune prices. After searching several places, I bought some on Amazon (from for about $12 for 3. One DAY after ordering online, I walked into a Korean grocery in Dhaka and found some little divided tupperware containers for even less. Of course, I bought a few extras (hoarder that I am). Now Ceiba and Chris are stylin' for lunches and snacks every day.
 It seems silly that such a little thing can bring joy to me in the mornings when packing lunches or snacks, but it really does. They are cute, easy to use and GREEN, which makes us all happy. It's actually even a little fun to find just the right snack to fill each little hole, knowing Ceiba will light up when she opens her backpack each day for snack time.


  1. i LOVE easy lunchboxes! that other one is cute too!

  2. So funny! Because I've been on a mission to find similar items. And I got lucky at a store this past weekend here in Cairo. Not quite bento-y, but just the right size tupperware-ish. And the kids love that I've been packing them different lunch items. Suddenly, I've become kinda cool to them...just kinda...

    BTW, I love Ceiba's back pack! How cute!