Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Spring on Malta

When we arrived to Malta in October, the land was dry and barren. Being a tiny rock in the middle of the Mediterranean, the seasons teeter on the weather. We've heard how the summers are so dry and dusty, no flora to be seen. But we are too hearing the joys of what beauty the spring holds here on Malta. We are excited to be seeing it now for ourselves. For weeks the plants have been emerging from cracks and crevices in the rocks, along hillside and deep in the valleys. The rains have awakened the bulbs and roots deep within the stone and poor soil of the island, and the views now in springtime could not be lovelier. We expect the coming months to hold more of the same, as the locals tell us that March and April are stunning. My eyes are giddy already thinking of more to see!
 All of these photos were taken on a walk from our home. 
The rock wall is the Victoria Lines, which divide the island and date back hundreds of years.

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