Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mardi Gras in Malta

Hailing from St. Louis and the home of Soulard Mardi Gras, we've made it a tradition to host a Mardi Gras party in whatever country we are living in each year. It's been a fun tradition to start in our young family, and one the girls look forward to with glee each year. While it's hard to beat our rooftop Bangladesh party of 2012, especially having so much help and affordable decorations (and a DJ!), we gave it our ALL again this year!
Food was definitely NOT in short supply, with 13 king cakes (got a little carried away), shrimp & chicken etouffee, key lime pies, sugar cut out cookies, rice and lots of guests' contributions. The giant keg of Hurricanes was the biggest hit, as always. This year Chris had to put his scientist skills to use, as we didn't have our usual ingredients at hand. It was YUM! And the party wouldn't have been a success, nor had nearly as much food, without his AMAZING help in the kitchen and cleaning house. It did feel a little nice when he said he feet and back hurt from all the housework though ;)

 (Decorating is half the FUN!)


 (LOTS of food!)
We had a house full of squealing kids (who our wonderful babysitter helped entertain) and good friends (even the Ambassador joined us for the night). We love touring guests on the quaint home in the village, which we've made our own now. The pool lights, blooming garden and giant perusing snails made for a nice backdrop to the party.
Our Marines began and ended the party and kept the kids screaming in delight through the night. Our outside pinata journeyed from outside to inside, where each kid got a whack at it, but eventually Chris had to tear it apart (nicely built, sheesh!) and watch the kids scurry about for candy.

It's a tradition we enjoy and will continue... after we recooperate and finish washing dishes :)
(Feb 2012 Bangladesh, Feb 2014 Malta)

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