Sunday, March 29, 2015

Filling in the Space- Milan, Italy

The previous couple posts were the brunt of our time in Milan. And I found it easier to post pics, if I chopped up the trip. Kinda have a habit of oversnapping pics....kinda. We enjoyed the Katy Perry concert, Lunar New Year and Duomo immensely, but these little tidbits sure made us happy, as well.
The carnival in Parco Sempione was an easy afternoon funtime too; the girls especially enjoying the amusement and rides. A pizza here and there, several gelatis, coffee, hotel breakfasts, cotton candy (candy hair, per Ceti) and other fun foods added the piece de resistance.

 We met a good friend (we've been blog friends for almost 6 years) in Milan, where they reside, also working for the State Dept. It's always so nice to put voices to photos and connect with people, especially having similar mobile lives and children. We caught the tail in of the parade, gelati and a home visit for a Sunday afternoon.
Having no real agenda was nice ;) Loving lunch pizza so much that we ordered it again for delivery dinner was an easy decision too. For the next few years of a young family, it is a must do to keep my sanity and feel accomplishment at the tiniest of tasks.

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