Thursday, March 26, 2015

Uffizzi Art Gallery- Florence, Italy


Though I took Art all four years of high school, and we shall NOT speak of how many years ago that was, art history was never my strong suite. I enjoyed making art, but while I loved history, I now barely remember many of the well known artists of the times. It was the action and creation of art that appealed to me.

Last weekend, I had the good fortune of visiting the Uffizzi Art Galleries of Florence, Italy on a whirlwind weekend trip sans kids (will touch upon that sensation on a later post). For the short trip, seeing one work of art was my only request to my trip mate.

The Birth of Venus, painted by Sandro Botticelli in the mid 1480s, has long captivated me. Upon learning of its home while researching the upcoming trip, I was determined to see it in the flesh. Seeing a Da Vinci or two, well that wasn't too shabby either!

Art these days is many things to me... little fingers making hearts, "I love Mama" pictures full of Christmas tree die cuts and Easter bunnies glued about, the green sprig of basil on our Caprese salad, a sunset with Chris on the shores of the Mediterranean. I don't need "culture" if you will, at the present time. We are in those young family years, and I am thoroughly enthralled in our own kind of beauty and art on a daily basis... and I love it.

So on that lovely quiet morning last weekend, I wasn't surprised that my most commonly drawn interest in the galleries was that of motherhood (okay... and the occasional nude man marble carving... when in Rome!!!). I took more photos than I'll ever need, but I didn't want to let the time escape me. And I followed most with a photo of the information placard... as I didn't want to lose precious seconds to read, just whisking along every moment.

Here are some favorites... that I was oh so happy to see in front of my eyes instead of the pages of a book.

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